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About Product

CliqNote Organizes your practice at one or more consulting venues under a seamless network of clinic connectivity and communication tools to access patients. It connects you to online appointments and within a healthcare facility workflow for information to right be there when you need it. It integrates with host of other tools to provide a complete solution to your modern day needs.

Awared Doctor, Better Treatment

CliqNote provides you history and other treatments records for making awared decisions. It connects your patients to you for them in loop helping you understand them better on an online basis. Its integrated Prescription management system ensures that your prescriptions are professionally presented. An inbuilt medicine profiling helps you build your own medicine preference.

Referral Network

Making a Referral network via CLiq Note is easy. You can build a network of referral to route your patients to your referrals. You can even share a treatment records on the network for others to make awared decision as well

Medical Records

CliqNote provides an integrated tool to keep patient medical records for nof years aws you wish to do for your clients. The history can be retrieved anytime anywhere, even on the road to advise patient when in need.

Olive Healthcare Integrated System"
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